90 Day Fiance: Where Mike And Natalie's Relationships Stands Today

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Uncle Beau revealed spoilers about Mike and Natalie

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva sure know how to keep viewers on their toes. First Mike called off his wedding to Natalie on the morning of the event, leading her to tearfully pack her bags to return to Ukraine. But on the last day of her visa, they seemed to reconcile onscreen despite Natalie's broken heart. While the season finale approaches, it seems like Beau didn't realize he shouldn't give away Mike and Natalie's ending. 

Spoilers ahead! According to Beau and neighbor Tamara's Facebook (via Reddit), Natalie was still in the U.S. as of January 2021, which means she must have married Mike to legally stay in America. Tamara also confirmed that Mike and Natalie did get married two days after their canceled wedding in April 2020, and a marriage certificate surfaced online, per Screen Rant

However, the honeymoon stage is long over for Mike and Natalie. Beau gave an exclusive interview to In Touch Weekly in March 2021 that Natalie "has not been home for a couple of months," and that it seems she may have left Mike once and for all. "I'm really hoping so," Beau added, clearly not a fan of the blonde Ukrainian. Could this mean a third divorce is in store for Natalie? 

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