Biden is ‘NOT fit for office’ as he could barely get through mumbling press conference, ex-White House doc claims

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JOE Biden’s stumbling press conference performance raises questions about his fitness for office, a former White House doctor has claimed.

According to Ronny Jackson, the President forgetting what he was talking about and mumbling incoherently at the camera should “concern” Americans.

The President mumbled through his first press conference


The President mumbled through his first press conferenceCredit: AFP

Ronny Jackson said President's performance raises concerns


Ronny Jackson said President's performance raises concernsCredit: Splash

Thursday’s first press conference was the 78-year-old President’s first since taking office in January.

Photos from the press conference show he had a cheat sheet with facts and photos of reporters he planned to call on.

Jackson, who’s now a Republican congressman, told Fox news said the Biden’s performance was worrying.

"The President of the United States was armed with a picture book of friendly reporters to call on and with what appeared to be prepared answers, but he still could barely make it through his first press conference," said Jackson.

"If President Biden cannot handle questions from his cheerleaders in the White House press corps, then it is concerning to think about how he represents the American people when speaking to foreign leaders.

The press conference was Biden's first since taking office


The press conference was Biden's first since taking officeCredit: Getty

He used a 'cheat sheet' to help him with answers


He used a 'cheat sheet' to help him with answersCredit: Alamy

"Politics aside, this should concern every American who wants to know that their President is fit for duty and in control." 

One photo shows the president holding a card labeled "infrastructure" with a list of facts in large font, though he did still flub one of those statistics.

In another photo, Biden, 78, is seen holding a paper with headshots of reporters, with some that he planned to take questions from circled and numbered.

It has also emerged the White House has corrected the moment President Joe Biden mixed up the name of Afghanistan President Ghani in the official records.

Biden also mistakenly used the name of the controversial former head of Pakistan's military, Kayani, when referring to the Afghanistan leader in the news conference.

Earlier this month he was filmed falling three times on the steps of Air Force One today before flying to Georgia.


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Biden’s frequent gaffes have been picked up by political opponents as evidence of impaired mental ability, with Donald Trump previously tweeting the Democrat had dementia after forgetting Mitt Romney’s name.

poll found that nearly 40 per cent of registered American voters believe Biden has "some form of dementia".

The President has not taken a cognitive test for dementia and his medical and surgical history released in 2019 made no reference to him suffering from the condition.

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