Boy aged just 3 undergoes emergency brain surgery after Covid-related STROKE

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A THREE-year-old boy underwent emergency brain surgery after he suffered a Covid-related stroke.

Colt Parris' parents, from Salisbury, Missouri, took him for a coronavirus test on Wednesday when they noticed his speech was slurred and he was not using his right arm.

Colt Parris underwent brain surgery following a Covid-related stroke


Colt Parris underwent brain surgery following a Covid-related strokeCredit: KSN

And while he initially tested negative, doctors at the clinic referred him to University of Missouri Women's and Children's Hospital where he tested positive for antibodies.

His mother Sara described the moment she knew there was something wrong with her son - who had also stopped eating and drinking.

She told KSN: "I went to hand him his [stuffed animal] Boo and I noticed that he didn’t use his dominate arm to grab it.

"He reached over to grab his bunny and then again, I knew something else wasn’t right."

Medics soon discovered a clot in the child's brain which formed as a result of a stroke - which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Colt had emergency surgery to remove the blockage and doctors believe he will make a full recovery.

Dad Tim insisted he feared for his son's life.

He said: "We thought we were going to lose him for sure.

"I don’t care how tough you are - you will cry. You can’t help it when it’s your 3-year-old laying there."

Dr Paul Carney said: "The result came back and I looked at it and it was a clear stroke.

The three-year-old had a clot removed from his brains by doctors in Missouri


The three-year-old had a clot removed from his brains by doctors in MissouriCredit: KSN

"So, there was a lack of blood supply to the left side of the brain."

Dr Camilo Gomez, who performed the surgery, said the stroke was almost certainly linked to the boy's coronavirus.

Covid-19 patients "have the propensity to form clots," the doctor said.

While the death rate in children infected with Covid remains low, doctors have recently discovered the disease can cause Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) - which causes inflammation of the organs, including the brain.

And a July study linked coronavirus with neurological conditions such as strokes, nerve damage and a potentially fatal inflammatory brain condition.

Dr Carney warned parents to be extra vigilant if they believe their child has contracted Covid-19.


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He said: "I would say that if you notice your child has Covid and having problems walking or talking, don’t just chalk it up, 'oh they just have a fever.'

"It could be a nervous system problem."

Speaking about Colt's stroke, he said: "If this had been anybody over the age of 40 or 60, they would have probably had a very different outcome."

Colt's dad Tim feared his son would die after he was rushed to hospital


Colt's dad Tim feared his son would die after he was rushed to hospitalCredit: KSN
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