Brexit latest news – Merkel to STEAM IN to stop stubborn France ‘playing the bad cop’ and preventing a UK-EU trade deal

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THE UK's hopes of post-Brexit trade deal with the EU are pinned on Angela Merkel forcing France to back down over fishing.

The German Chancellor is the best hope Britain has of getting stubborn Emmanuel Macron to soften his stance on French trawlers being allowed to take huge amounts of fish from British waters post Brexit.

The French President has admitted he's playing "the bad cop" but has repeatedly said he'd be prepared to see no trade deal at all than back down on the issue, with Europe minister Clément Beaune adding that said Paris is determined to ensure the EU is “really tough” with Britain.

This puts France at odds not only with nearly every other EU nation, but also with the EU's Chief Brexit negotiatior Michel Barnier stressed the importance of a deal to both sides and ordered the EU to compromise.

The fishing debate appears to be the final sticking point preventing a deal, with Britain suggesting a Norway-style agreement where access to UK waters is renegotiated with the EU on a yearly basis.

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