Coronavirus UK news – National lockdown ‘could last MONTHS’ despite ‘dodgy’ death forecast as cases fall 2k in a WEEK

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THE new national lockdown could last MONTHS rather than the four weeks the PM insists it will be, it has been revealed.

Boris Johnson today insisted the lockdown in England will end on December 2 - but Michael Gove yesterday admitted it would only end if the country's infection measuring R-rate falls below one.

Gove's comments sparked furious backlash from Tory MPs, who fear the second national lockdown will not only ruin Christmas for millions of families but will also cripple our already struggling economy.

The row comes as some experts have cast doubt on the validity of the predicted death toll of 80,000 that spurred the lockdown, saying it was four times too high and was already out of date as the university that published had since produced an updated, lower forecast.

And today it was revealed cases had actually fallen by 2,000 in a week as 18,950 tested positive and 136 died.

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