Fake tan fail leaves woman ‘looking like Fiona from Shrek’ with green skin

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A fair-skinned red-head was left ‘looking like Fiona from Shrek’ when her skin turned green after she used a full bottle of fake tan.

Equine management student Lilly Vigus and her flatmates were bored during lockdown so decided to treat themselves to a pampering session.

Having picked up a bottle of St Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan in shade Darker Than Dark because it was the only one left in the shop, the 18-year-old slathered it on to her skin.

A hilarious video clip shows Lilly walking into her flatmate’s bedroom where they are stunned by how dark she is, with one shouting ‘Lilly, I didn’t think it was that bad’.

After deciding to sleep in the tan rather than washing it off, Lilly was left with people comparing her to Shrek’s wife Fiona from the animated movie – because she woke up with a green-tinged skin.

Lilly, from Rochester, Kent, said: ‘People were calling me Fiona from Shrek because my ginger hair and green skin all matched with her.

‘Because I am ginger my skin is very, very light. If I go out in the sun I just burn instantly.

‘To get around this I fake tan. I don’t normally use a tan this dark but it was the only one left in the shop, so I decided to give it a go.

Lilly says that apart from horses, fake tanning is the only thing she’s interested in.

‘I just decided to give it a go with the tan and I ended up using the whole bottle,’ she explains. ‘After the second layer I did think it was a bit dark, but I decided to keep going.

‘I slept in it and the next morning I had a shower and the water just kept running green for ages. Every time I washed for the next few days the water running off me was still green.

‘My housemates were just shocked at how dark it had become and they all thought it was so funny.

‘I went to breakfast the next morning and everyone just stopped and stared at me when they saw me.

‘I got laughed at a lot.’

But a spokesperson for St Moriz doesn’t see anything wrong with the depth of Lilly’s tan, commenting that the student looked ‘great’.

‘We love seeing people’s results and she looks naturally tanned with a healthy glow,’ added the spokesperson.

‘Self-tanning is a great mood-booster and we love putting a smile on peoples faces by helping them feel more confident!’

Maybe next time Lilly will opt for a slightly lighter shade… or maybe the Shrek look is growing on her.

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