Fight breaks out in hospital waiting room as patient shouts ‘you’re supposed to look after us’

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A FIGHT has broken out in a hospital waiting room, with a patient shouting "you're supposed to look after us".

Shocking video shows the brawl - believed to be between an NHS worker and a patient - at a hospital in England.

A fight broke out at a hospital in England


A fight broke out at a hospital in EnglandCredit: CrimeLDN Twitter

The brawl was apparently between an NHS worker and a patient


The brawl was apparently between an NHS worker and a patientCredit: CrimeLDN Twitter

The scuffle broke out after the angry patient complained about his treatment.

As the pair scapped on the floor, the patient said: "You’re supposed to look after us."

The ugly scenes unfolded when the man tried to get behind a screen protecting a receptionist.

The patient then shoves and tries to punch the reciptionist, who retaliates.

Chairs go flying and an elderly man desperately tries to get out of the way as the two men fight.

But despite starting the scuffle, the patient claims he has witnesses and shouts “you attacked me”.

Bystanders then try to calm the pair down.

Viewers of the video on Twitter were split over who was to blame.

One said: “I'm all for defending ones self , but to kick a sick person when there down is disgraceful, really in need of some serious training , the guy was obviously not well.”

Another person said: “That scumbag got off lightly in my eyes. I don't care who you are or what you've got wrong with you, don't start pushing and shoving someone because you haven't been seen by a doctor quick enough for your liking.”


Good Morning Britian host Piers Morgan replied, saying: “How do you know the circumstances here?”

Some then responded saying: “I've seen enough. I don't need to know a story behind it. He's in what looks like A&E department. He's obviously not happy about something.

“There's no need to push and shove what looks like a receptionist and yell ‘you're supposed to help me.’ As I said, he got off lightly.”

Others sympathised with the patient.

One person wrote: “Working in care you come across people who need help, are upset or even violent. That guy wasn't violent.

"He wasn't even that aggressive. Yet the guy attacked him violently so he's not suitable to be in a position of trust over vulnerable people, not even close.”

Another added: “Mentally ill man was making a scene but the punching and kicking was all the receptionist.”

The attack came as England entered a four-week coronavirus lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19.


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During the initial lockdown earlier this year, more than 300 NHS workers and cops were attacked in the first month.

Max Hill QC, head of the CPS, also said there were 313 assault charges against emergency workers during April - among a total of 660 coronavirus-related offences.

The CPS charged 420 people in total for sickening attacks on police and the NHS - including lockdown louts who spat at and even bit hero workers.

Both men ended up on the floor during the scuffle


Both men ended up on the floor during the scuffleCredit: CrimeLDN Twitter

Video of the fight was shared to social media


Video of the fight was shared to social mediaCredit: CrimeLDN Twitter
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