Food blogger shares simple hack for keeping lettuce crisp for over a month

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A food blogger has shared her easy hack for keeping lettuce leaves crisp and fresh for more than a month.

Lama, from Miami, Florida, shared the hack in two videos on her tastegreatfoodie TikTok account – one from January 11, and one from February 21.

To try it at home, all you need apart from your lettuce is a jar and some water.

In the first video, she simply puts the lettuce in a jar, totally submerges it in water, and screws the lid of the jar on tight, saying it will help the lettuce last up to a month.

She said: ‘The leaves will remain nice and crisp, just pull it out of the fridge and drain it.’

In her second video, she opens the jar and takes out the lettuce to reveal it’s ‘still fresh and crispy’.

As she crunches the lettuce in her hand, demonstrating its freshness, she says: ‘Well it’s been way over a month and this is the lettuce I showed you. It’s still fresh and crispy.

‘Now nobody wants to store lettuce for a month, but it’s a great idea if you’re going for a vacation or if you’re leaving for two weeks. You can still come back to fresh lettuce.’ 

The video revealing the still-crisp lettuce has earned over 222,000 likes so far, with people marvelling at how well the hack works.

However, in the comments on her second video, Lama clarified that the container needs to be airtight, that it needs to be stored in the fridge and that a ‘water change is best every one-two day [sic]’.

While a water change might not be possible for those going on a trip, someone in the comments pointed out that this hack would be really useful for people ‘who can’t get to a grocery store every week or for ppl who forget abt their produce’.

Dr Heather Woolery-Lloyd, who posts lifestyle content under the handle drheathermd, explained that this hack works thanks to a process called osmosis.

She posted a duet responding to Lama’s original video with the caption: ‘Osmosis allowed the water to enter the cells of the lettuce and caused the lettuce leaves to stay firm and crispy.’

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