Hilarious moment a paraglider swoops down on a group of youngsters

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Just for kicks! Low-flying paraglider plays football with man on the ground and gives him a high-five as he swoops past

A paraglider flying down a hill spots a group of people on the ground with a ballThe pilot swoops down to a few feet above the ground and asks for a pass The ball owner is suspicious as he fears his ball will be kicked down the hill He relents after a few seconds and ends up receiving the ball back from the pilot 

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

Published: 09:48 GMT, 28 October 2020 | Updated: 09:49 GMT, 28 October 2020

This is the amazing moment a paraglider flying down a hill plays football with someone on the ground. 

The footage, shot on an action sports camera, shows the pilot flying a few feet off the ground in a location in the UK. 

Spotting a group of young people on the ground, the pilot calls out to them and one of the men to kick the ball towards him. 

A paraglider flying down a hill, pictured, spotted a group of young people during a recent flight

The man swooped down and asked one of the young men to kick the ball to him 

After an initial reluctance as the young man feared his ball would be lost down the hill, he threw it towards the incoming paraglider 

The paraglider returned the ball with a swift kick before the pilot and the young man exchanged a fist bump

As the young man was standing on a pathway overlooking a steep hill, he was initially reluctant as he feared his ball would be kicked down the slope.  

The paraglider responds: ‘Na, na, I’ll give you a light tap back.’

One of the young with the ball’s friends urges him to ‘go on’

The guy then throws the ball and the paraglider kicks it back to him.

They then have a fist bump as the paraglider flies past at a height of about four feet above the ground.

Paragliding is often described as the most simple form of human flight, involving an elliptical-shaped wing and are launched from the ground. 

Pilots can fly for several hours at heights from a  few feet up to more than 10,000 feet.  

The pilot and the young man exchanged a fist bump as they passed each other

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