Instagram influencer whose husband dies remarries

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Russian Instagram influencer with 1.7million followers whose husband died from dry ice poisoning at her 29th birthday party marries new husband in the Maldives

Valentin Didenko, 32, died after throwing 25kg of dry ice into a sauna pool He wanted a spectacular steam show for his wife Ekaterina Didenko's birthdayValentin and two other people died of carbon dioxide poisoning at the party Ekaterina posted footage of a ceremony along with her new lover in the Maldives

By Will Stewart For The Mailonline

Published: 15:31 GMT, 20 March 2021 | Updated: 17:32 GMT, 20 March 2021

A widow who a year ago lost her husband when he was poisoned with dry ice at her 29th birthday party has married her new lover in the Maldives.

Popular Instagram influencer Ekaterina Didenko showed the beach ceremony to her 1.7 million followers.

Her husband Valentin Didenko, 32, was killed alongside two others from acute carbon dioxide poisoning after he threw 25 kilograms of dry ice into a sauna pool to create a dramatic steam show at her party in Moscow.

Instagram influencer Ekaterina Didenko, left, was left devastated when her husband Valentin, right died at her 29th birthday party after he threw 25kg of dry ice into a pool at a spa killing himself and three others

After Valentin's death, Ekaterina, left, started a relationship with 22-year-old actor Vlad Chernykh, right, and the couple appear to have got married in the Maldives 

Within three months of the IT specialist's death, mother-of-two Ekaterina underwent a boob job and started a relationship with younger Vlad Chernykh, then 22, an actor.

Her latest pictures show the couple appearing to wed on a pandemic getaway trip to the Maldives.

She wore a bridal dress and he wore a white shirt and shorts.

A video shows them frolicking in the tropical ocean.

The influencer won congratulations but also expressions of surprise and shock from her fans - but she was ambiguous about whether the pair actually tied the knot.

Her followers were divided on whether she had wed Vlad, now 23, or posed in a photo shoot with her lover.

'While I am enjoying life on a beautiful island, people who are not interested in their own personal lives try to marry me off, say I am pregnant, and probably name our unborn child,' she said.

She denied forgetting about her tragic husband while at the same time admitting she is in love with her new man.

'During this year, there was not a single day when I did not think or was not reminded of what happened with my husband and the others who died,' she said.

'It's impossible to forget.

'Today will forever be the day of memories of that life, which, unfortunately, cannot be returned.

In the aftermath of her husband's death, she tried to console herself by undergoing breast augmentation surgery

'My birthday is now a really sad holiday.

'Yes, nothing can be returned.

'Yes, you need to live on.

'And thank God, I have someone to live for.

'But these thoughts don't make it any easier.'

As he lay dying, she live posted from a nearby room at the hospital, leading to a wave of criticism.

Afterwards, a Moscow psychologist who examined her said she 'is so immersed in the virtual world that it is difficult for her to realise where reality is - and where not'.

She later denied her breast surgery was intended to attract a new man.

'Some people think I am enlarging my breasts for someone,' she said.

'I am doing it for myself.

'I want to look in the mirror, and to like the reflection.'

Ekaterina has had a 'complex' about her breasts since childhood, she said, and had agreed with her husband to do the surgery after their hoped-for third child.

With her life in 'smithereens' she decided to go ahead.

She posted: 'I totally do not regret that I decided on surgery.

'The pain will go away in a few days, but the beautiful breasts will remain.'

The social media star is a trained pharmacist who gives advice on medicines and life

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