It's a raspberry jam! Hilarious moment six-month-old baby tries to copy his father's beatboxing 

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It's a raspberry jam! Hilarious moment six-month-old baby tries to copy his father's beatboxing

Baby Marcel tries to show father Simon De Brito he's just as good at beatboxingFather is rather impressed by son's efforts as they spend quality time together The adorable father-son performance was posted from Treillieres in France

By Sabi Phagura for MailOnline

Published: 16:50 GMT, 5 November 2020 | Updated: 17:27 GMT, 5 November 2020

This is a proud moment for father Simon De Brito who watches his six-month-old son following his lead.

Marcel replicates his father's beatboxing with real passion and enthusiasm in the heartwarming video.

The footage was filmed in Treillieres in France as the father and son enjoyed a special bonding moment together.

The father starts his beatbox routine as Marcel sits on his lap looking up at him in pure admiration.

As soon as Simon stops, he cues the infant with his right finger to pick up from where he has left off.

Rising to the challenge, Marcel immediately curls his mouth and lets out cute little  sounds as he attempts to imitate his father with utter confidence.

Baby Marcel watches his father Simon's beatbox routine before having a go himself

Fully immersing himself in the moment, he rocks his body to the beat and at one point raises his left hand to demonstrate he's delivering the rhythm with passion.

Father Simon looks at Marcel in awe and throws his head back in disbelief, clearly enjoying the amusing rendition during the 27-second clip.

Completely absorbed in delivering the beat, Marcel returns to face his father and stops blowing raspberries as if to say 'your turn now'.

Action: Marcel shows his father Simon how to beatbox in his own little way and does it with such passion

Proud moment: Father Simon is in awe that his six-month-old son Marcel is already following his footsteps

When Simon starts to beatbox a second time, Marcel is ready to have a go again and completely throws himself into it like a natural.

Proof that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. 

The footage was filmed on March 18 and has been widely shared recently by thousands of amused viewers.    

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