Matt Gaetz ‘boasted that jailed pal Joel Greenberg was his wingman and showed off wild pics of topless women at parties

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MATT Gaetz boasted to fellow Florida politicians about women he met through alleged sex trafficker Joel Greenberg, it has been claimed.

It is the latest in a slew of claims about the embattled Republican as it emerged he is subject to a federal investigation into the sex trafficking of a 17-year-old girl.

Matt Gaetz has denied all allegations and claimed its part of an extortion plot against him


Matt Gaetz has denied all allegations and claimed its part of an extortion plot against himCredit: AP

Joel Greenberg (R) with Matt Gaetz (C) and long-term Trump ally Roger Stone (L)


Joel Greenberg (R) with Matt Gaetz (C) and long-term Trump ally Roger Stone (L)Credit: Matt Gaetz/Facebook

Rep. Gaetz is alleged to have also played pals videos of naked or topless women on several occasions - including at parties with Greenberg, a former Florida tax collector, reports The Washington Post.

The congressman has face a slew of allegations about sleazy behavior since the probe first emerged last Tuesday.

Donald Trump ally Gaetz, 38, has denied any wrongdoing and has claimed the allegations are part of an elaborate $25million extortion plot against him.

He has strongly denied any relationship with a minor or paying anyone for sex.

The feds are reportedly looking into whether Gaetz and Greenberg sometimes shared sexual partners.

Gaetz is claimed to have boasted about Greenberg as his wingman and the "access" to women he gave him.

The tax collector faces charges for allegedly making a fake ID for a minor girl “to facilitate his efforts to engage in commercial sex acts”.

It is this probe that allegedly put his pal Gaetz on the feds' radar, and its been reported that Greenberg is now cooperating with the investigation.

“Matt was never shy about talking about his relationship to Joel and the access to women that Joel provided him,” one source told The Post.

And the congressman - who was considered a potential future star in a more-Trumpian version of the GOP - allegedly showed off videos of women to pals, but these females all appeared to be adults.

Matt Gaetz was considered a future star of a more Trumpian vision of the GOP


Matt Gaetz was considered a future star of a more Trumpian vision of the GOPCredit: Getty

Greenberg is facing a 33-count indictment for a series of crimes, including making fake IDs, related to an alleged sex trafficking plot.

His friendship with long-term political ally Gaetz also came under scrutiny in a report by The Daily Beast.

Text messages allegedly show that Gaetz was with Greenberg at an office he allegedly used as part of a scheme to make fake IDs.

It is claimed Greenberg would keep hold of driving licences which are typically handed over to the tax office for shredding - with a worker finding numerous IDs scattered over a desk.

CCTV showed him going through the basket of IDs at the Lake Mary office and then going into a back room, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

The office's assistant manager saw another man on the tape, and when her boss asked Greenberg if he had been in the office he confirmed he was "showing congressman Gaetz what our operation looked like".

Gaetz is a staunch political ally of Donald Trump


Gaetz is a staunch political ally of Donald Trump

Greenberg, who is currently in jail awaiting trial after being hit with the string of charges in 2020 - is likely giving up dirt on the Florida Republican to investigators, reported The Daily Mail.

Sources added that Gaetz's arrest is looming, after an alleged victim reportedly testified in a Florida court that she had sex with the representative before she turned 18.

And another source hit back at Gaetz account of an elaborate plot against him by a former official from the Department of Justice.

"The congressman impugned and damaged the reputation of someone who had nothing to do with this," the source said.

"Gaetz is a sleaze-bag who used a professional with a sterling reputation to divert attention on a sex investigation focused on him

"Rest assured that Greenberg has been singing to the feds about his friend Matt Gaetz. That's why Matt is so freaked out."

Matt Gaetz with his fiancée Ginger Luckey


Matt Gaetz with his fiancée Ginger LuckeyCredit: Getty

It comes after it was alleged Gaetz played a sex game that included a Harry Potter challenge - involving "extra points" for sleeping in sorority houses or having sex with married colleagues while he was working in the state legislature in the 2010s.

Based on the British wizards book series, a woman would be referred to as the "snitch," a reference to the ultimate goal in the fictional game broomstick based game "Quidditch."

An insider said the game among male lawmakers the "worst kept secret in Tallahassee," adding the policymakers openly bragged about it, even with their women cohort.

The Republican insider said about two dozen male lawmakers participated in the sex game, including a couple male lobbyists as well.


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No formal charges have yet been brought against Gaetz as of Saturday morning as the probe continues.

Gaetz - who is currently engaged to Ginger Luckey, a 26-year-old Harvard Business School student - is also alleged to have used a "sugar baby" website along with Greenberg through which they would meet women for drug fueled sex sessions.

He denies this allegations.

Gaetz boasted he has no plans to step down and rumors of his resignation are "false" and it is "very safe" to say he does not intend to quit. 

However, just hours before the story first emerged last week - it was reported Gaetz could be planning to quit and sign up for conservative news network NewsMax.

Matt Gaetz 'showed fellow lawmakers naked pics of women he said he'd had sex with as 'it was a point of pride' for him

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