Met Police raids illegal rave on a canal barge in Hackney

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Moment police raid illegal rave on boat in north London and arrest organiser who has already been fined £10,000 for similar lockdown bash – as officers in North Yorkshire catch reveller hiding in the ATTIC at party

The Met Police's Marine Unit found 30 people on a canal boat in Hackney Officers raided the boat at 4.20am after receiving complaints from the public 26 revellers now face being fined £800 for breaching Covid-19 regulations In North Yorkshire, police found one man hiding in an attic during a covid raid 

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

Published: 13:05 GMT, 13 February 2021 | Updated: 16:47 GMT, 13 February 2021

Police in Hackney raided a party held onboard a boat in a bid to avoid Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. 

One person was arrested and 26 fines were issued while music equipment was seized during the raid in the early hours of this morning. 

Police were responding to reports of a large number of people playing music on a canal boat on the River Lea between Tottenham Lock and Hackney. 

The Metropolitan Police raided a canal boat this morning where they found 30 people having an illegal rave. The party's organiser was arrested as he was found hosting a similar event less than two weeks ago

Specialist officers raided the canal boat at 4.20am today and made one arrest 

One man was arrested and taken to an east London police station on suspicion of organising the event. He had previously been warned about arranging a similar party less than two weeks ago

The vessel, which was moored off Hackney Mashes was raided at 4.20am. 

Officers arrested a 31-year-old man on suspicion of breaching regulations. He had previously been reported for consideration for a £10,000 fixed penalty notice for a similar event less than two weeks ago. 

The Metropolitan Police's Marine Unit secured the boat. Some 26 people could be fined £800 for their breaches of Covid-19 rules. 

Chief Inspector Pete Shaw, in charge of Covid policing in east London, said: 'It is incredibly disappointing that incidents of this nature continue when the vast majority of Londoners are doing the right thing and making huge sacrifices to stop the virus spreading.

'Each breach of the regulations not only presents a risk to the groups congregating but also to the officers who have to deal with it. To have an individual who has repeatedly ignored these regulations and who appears to have organised multiple events is dangerous and indicates a complete disregard for the safety of all involved.

Officers seized music equipment following this morning's raid 

'We need to be doing everything we can as a community to try and keep ourselves, our family and friends as safe as possible and to reduce the pressure on the NHS.' 

In North Yorkshire, a reveller was caught hiding in a loft after police officers raided a large house party and spotted his legs dangling from the ceiling.

North Yorkshire Police have issued a plea for people to follow Covid rules after they were forced to break up an illegal house party.

In these bizarre pictures released by the police, you can see one of the revellers attempting to evade the police by hiding in the loft.

North Yorkshire Police raided a house party in Scarborough where they found a 19 people in the property in clear breach of Covid-19 regulations 

The police have said that the number of large house parties they have had to break up each week has been 'extremely concerning'.

A spokesperson said: 'An unusual incident captured on police bodycam.

'After getting reports of a house party in progress, officers went to break it up and discovered one of the group hiding in the loft.

'The bodycam image shows his legs dangling from the ceiling hatch.

'We've pixilated faces for legal reasons, but we're having to break up several large house parties like these every single week. It's extremely concerning.'

The latest raid comes after 19 people were fined at a party in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and ten adults were slapped with fines after being found at a children's party in York.

Police found one man who was trying to escape into the loft but could not get his legs up fast enough to avoid detection

More than 1,000 people have now died with coronavirus in North Yorkshire.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson added: 'Alarmingly, we found 19 people at one in Scarborough recently. All were given fines.

'We know these incidents are infuriating for everyone who continues to follow the rules and may not have even seen loved ones for months.

'They put the health of entire communities at risk and certainly won't help us come out of lockdown any sooner.

'We're all looking forward to a good party when this is over. When we receive reports of any in the meantime, our officers won't wait for an invitation.'

Figures from ACRO Criminal Records Office show police in England issued 196 of the £10,000 lockdown fines to organisers of gatherings of more than 30 people - including raves, parties and protests - between August and December last year.

Under lockdown rules in England, people are only allowed to leave home if they have a 'reasonable excuse' to do so, such as shopping for essentials or permitted childcare.

Leaving home for recreational or leisure purposes, such as for a picnic or a social meeting, is not allowed.

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