The tragic death of Jamie Foxx's younger sister

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Jamie Foxx, Deondra Dixon Thomas Cooper/Getty Images

While actor and singer Jamie Foxx has experienced countless dramatic scenarios on-screen, no fictional trauma can compare to the heartache the Academy award-winner must now face, as his younger sister, Deondra Dixon, tragically passed away at age 36.

As reported by People, the Ray star took to Instagram to notify fans of his sister's passing. Along with sharing a black and white photo of himself and his sister, Foxx penned a long, heartfelt caption. "My heart is shattered into a million pieces... my beautiful loving sister Deondra has transitioned..." Foxx began. "I say transitioned because she will always be alive... anyone who knew my sis... knew that she was a bright light."

Foxx also made mention of Dixon's famous dance moves and her penchant for notorious bad boy Chris Brown. "I can't tell you how many times we have had parties at the house where she has got on the dance floor and stolen the show... even gave her boyfriend @chrisbrownofficial a run for his money..." Foxx playfully joked. Yet, while his sister might be gone from this world in the physical sense, Foxx noted that her memory will live on through him and his family.

Jamie Foxx's sister Deondra Dixon taught the actor how to 'live'

Deondra Dixon Jason G. Bahr/Getty Images

While comedian Jamie Foxx was stricken with grief after his little sister Deondra Dixon passed away, the Django Unchained star remains adamant that he will cherish the memories of his sister forever. "Well I know she is in heaven now dancing with her wings on..." Foxx wrote on Instagram, "tho my pain is unbelievable I smile when I think of all of the great memories that she left me... my family... and her friends... from dancing in the blame it video... to Dancing on the Grammys... And becoming The ambassador to @globaldownsyndrome..."

According to People, Dixon, who was born in 1984, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. But according to Foxx, she never let that get in her way — and it's not something he or anyone else in his family dwelled on, either. During an interview with People in 2011, Foxx explained, "We weren't trippin' on the fact that she had Down syndrome. We were trippin' on the fact that she was cute. She was this little chocolate ball." Well, that and the fact that Dixon was a much better dancer than Foxx. "I always lose the dance battle," he admitted. "Because she's got the good moves." Foxx also revealed that his kid sister also taught him how to "live." 

"Sometimes we get caught up in our world on the extras of everything — 'Ah, the Mercedes is not the right color!' And then you see this girl over here, 'I just want to live. I want to dance. I want to love.' So she brings you back down to what life is." We wish Foxx and his family nothing but the best as they mourn this devastating loss.

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