Thugs punch lone man to the floor then kick him repeatedly in assault on London's Southbank

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Gang of thugs punch lone man to the floor then kick him repeatedly in vicious assault on London's Southbank before police seize large combat knife from 17-year-old

Crowd gathered around one man before he was punched and pushed to the floorKicks and punches appear to be thrown at the man while other try to protect himPolice later arrested a 17-year-old who was thought to be carrying a large knife  

By Luke May For Mailonline

Published: 10:06 GMT, 2 November 2020 | Updated: 13:15 GMT, 2 November 2020

Shocking footage shows a gang of thugs punching a lone man to the ground before repeatedly kicking him in a vicious assault along London's Southbank which ended with a 17-year-old being arrested for carrying a combat knife.

The massive brawl on Saturday night was filmed by passers-by as they saw one man in a red jumper being crowded around by a violent mob.

One thug in the crowd can be seen pointing in the lone man's face, before another comes in from the side and repeatedly lands punches on the victim's face.

As he throws his arms out to balance himself, the mob grabs hold of him and kicks him to the floor.  

Two men then stepped in and tried to calm the chaos, pushing the crowd back as the mob quickly grew.

They managed to break up the fight as concerned onlookers rushed to the victim's aid.

The victim was punched to the side of the face before being pushed and kicked to the ground 

The mob rained down blows on him while others filmed and watched on during the violent scenes

When Met Police arrived at the scene, a 17-year-old was arrested after they were found to be carrying a combat knife 

Separate footage shows a scene of chaos as the young mob sways from side to side and people try to break up the assault.

One onlooker decides to throw the rest of their drink at the crowd from above, prompting another man to laugh. 

Met Police were called out to the fight near the bank of the River Thames, after receiving a report of antisocial behaviour.  

Some onlookers filmed as the violent mob punched and kicked the man, who appeared to be alone, while others tried to intervene and break up the violence

Separate footage shows the scene descend into chaos as the crowd pushes and pulls one another, while one onlooker pours their drink over the mob

Officers seized a large combat knife from a 17-year-old at the scene who was later charged in court, according to a police statement.

Lambeth Police said: 'Officers attended the Southbank, SE1 last night due to ongoing ASB.

'As a result of info received from a member of public, a 17-year-old was searched and a large combat knife was found.

'The male has this morning been charged to court with Possession of an Offensive Weapon.'

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