US Election 2020 latest – Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania lead slumps to 20k and just 665 in Georgia – live results & maps

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THE presidency appears to be slipping away from Donald Trump as his leads in Philadelphia and Georgia were dramatically slashed.

In both states, the majority of votes left to count are in Democrat-leaning counties, meaning Joe Biden is likely to narrow his deficit in the coming hours, and may well even overtake Trump in both states.

If that were to happen, Biden would have enough Electoral College votes for the news and TV networks to start calling the election in his favour, and he'd no longer be relying on tight races in Arizona and Nevada.

Last night a desperate President Trump accused the Democrats of running a "fraudulent" election with "illegal" votes.

In an extraordinary speech, a tired-looking Trump said the Dems were trying to "steal" the race to the White House before claiming "if you count the legal votes I easily won."

The deflated Republican vowed he would not allow unfounded "corruption to steal such an important election".

It came as rival Biden led the race for the presidency by 3.8 million votes, inching closer to victory following a major boost to his lead in Nevada - where he is now 11,438 votes ahead of the President.

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