US Election 2020 latest – US Election 2020 latest – Trump slams ‘fraud’ election & ‘illegal’ Dem votes – live results

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DONALD Trump has accused the Democrats of running a "fraudulent" election with "illegal" votes.

The President said the Dems were trying to "steal" the race to the White House before claiming "if you count the legal votes I easily won."

In the extraordinary speech the deflated Republican leader vowed he would not allow unfounded "corruption to steal such an important election".

It came as rival Joe Biden lead on Thursday afternoon by 3.8 million votes.

Biden is inches closer to victory following a major boost to his lead in Nevada.

His share in that state's votes, which have been counted so far, has soared to 12,000 — almost double what it was this morning.

But despite Biden's gains and Trump's claims of fraud, the election is still on a knife edge.

The president made gains early this morning in Arizona as two more sets of new votes were published in Maricopa - the state's biggest county.

And he is vying for the remaining four battleground states which could reverse Biden's lead in a stroke.

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