US election 2020 LIVE – Will Donald Trump WIN second term as prediction gives him 7 point lead over Joe Biden in Iowa?

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DONALD Trump's hopes of winning a second term as President have been given a dramatic boost after a new poll put him 7 points ahead in Iowa.

The respected Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll released its latest results over the weekend, showing Trump ahead of Biden by 48% to 41% in the state.

More important, perhaps, is the suggestion that support for Biden has "faded" in recent days, hinting at the Democrats' worst fear that the former Vice President "isn't a closer" despite having had a strong lead all year.

In September the same poll showed support for the candidates at 47% each, so the new result shows a slight 1% boost for Trump but a catastrophic 6% decrease for Biden, with "other candidates" gaining the 5% difference.

It should be said, however, that due to the number of people polled in Iowa, a 5% margin of error is in place, meaning the new results could be anything from Trump falling between 43 and 53% and Biden between 36 and 46%.

Despite the boost for Trump in the swing state, Biden still leads national polls by 51% to 41% which, as things stand, still suggests a Biden victory is on the cards, regardless of the Iowa scare.

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