Veep predicted Donald Trump’s ‘stop the count’ demand and the Nevada vote four years ago

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We’re used to claims that The Simpsons predicted real-life events – even Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency.

But while we were focused on Springfield’s crystal ball abilities, it looks like Veep was actually spelling out the future.

Fans have realised that the world’s attention being on Nevada after election day and Trump ordering the count of votes to be stopped come straight from a 2016 plot from the political comedy.

In the season five episodes of Veep, Nev-AD-a and Mother, presidential nominee Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis Dreyfus) manages to win a recount in Nevada, after election day ended in a 269-269 electoral college tie between her and her opponent Senator O’Brien (Brad Leland). 

Meyer had won the popular vote in the election, but after discovering that thousands of missing ballots in Nevada had been found, she believes that the recount of the Nevada votes will tip her over the 270 edge in the electoral college vote. 

Her team plants protesters to cheer ‘count every vote’ at centres and at court – but soon, Team Meyer’s tactics change.

They learn that the newfound votes were from military absentees, and were leaning heavily towards her opponent, leading Meyer to demand that the recount be stopped (‘You’re going to cancel this recount like Anne Frank’s Bat mitzvah’). 

The protesters then switch to chanting ‘stop counting the votes’, with Meyer’s legal team arguing against the challenge they launched hours earlier.

In the end, the recount leads to Meyer not only losing Nevada, but the popular vote as well.

The episodes originally aired in May 2016 – before Trump even won his first four years as president, and four years before the same plot played out in real life.

Today, all eyes are on Nevada, which is still counting its votes two days after election day due to mail-in ballots and could hand Joe Biden the win with its six electoral college votes. 

The election hinges on the uncalled states of Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, but Trump – who is trailing in the popular vote and the electoral college votes – has already suggested that a ‘fraud’ has been carried out.

The incumbent president today tweeted: ‘STOP THE COUNT!’, with protesters gathering at vote counting centres across the country where the counts are still ongoing.

Trump has signalled that he will file a lawsuit in Nevada, claiming at least 10,000 people living outside the state voted in its election, while lawsuits have been mounted in Michigan and Pennsylvania and a recount demanded in Wisconsin after Biden flipped the state blue.

Trump has no power to stop the legitimate votes being counted – with any mail-in ballot postmarked by election day eligible to be counted – but were the count stopped like he wanted, Biden would win the election, as he is ahead in both the popular vote and the electoral college vote, as well as the counts in Arizona and Nevada. 

As well as Veep predicting the current situation, Bernie Sanders predicted Donald Trump declaring an early victory due to the delay in mail-in ballots, the majority of which historically come from Democrats, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a week ago. 

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