We asked an expert what the must-have hairstyles will be when salons reopen

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If there’s one thing we are looking forward to, it’s a trip to the hairdressers.

Our roots are past the point of no return, while our ends are frazzled and straw-like.

Thankfully, hairdressers, barbers and salons will be able to reopen in England this coming Monday. And all we can think about is our soon-to-be luscious locks.

With an extended period of time without hair upkeep and summer on the way, many of us will be opting for a change.

Whether you stay short or long, go bright or go dark, the first time back in the hot seat will be a colossal moment.

But what hairstyles do the experts think will be big news for clients come next week?

Paul Cochrane, owner and founder of Frankie Cochrane Hairdressing, says trending hairstyles all depend on what lockdown hair category a customer falls into.

‘Prolonged salon closures and much of the UK reassessing their disposable income has led to peoples relationship with their hair changing,’ he explains.

‘We have observed clients falling into one of three categories: ‘The lockdown lovers’ had a chance to take a break from the salon. ‘The lockdown disasters’ are those who may have been impatient and participated in an at-home hair catastrophe. And finally, ‘the life is too short brigade’ who are looking for a change.’

Paul says ‘the lockdown lovers’ will be those who surprisingly like their post-lockdown roots or natural hair colour. ‘Their colour has evolved into a balayage and they simply wish to emulate this look further,’ he says.

‘I predict the return of the root and more clients seeking to tidy their current colour. Ultimately, their main objective is for their colour to look healthy with a bit of personality.’

On the other hand, ‘the lockdown disasters’ will need more TLC and a hands on approach. However, Paul notes many will follow the root of the lovers and wish for a more natural look.

‘Lockdown has seen some box dye disasters that have left people sporting unwanted red undertones and patchy colour,’ he notes.

‘This is the result of the colour taking differently across the roots to the ends of the hair. As a result, many will wish to go back to basics and essentially, start again with a low maintenance colour.

‘I predict many bleach blondes will be seeking a colour that reflects their natural look with roots that will be less defined as natural growth develops. Subtle highlights will be taking us all the way through to Autumn with clients seeking timeless looks.’

Yet it’s is not all muted tones and golden hues. Paul also envisages a move to sparkling colour for ‘the life is too short brigade.’

‘The break-up hair cut is a thing of the past and ‘the life is too short’ mantra is quickly taking its place,’ he believes.

‘Many have wanted bold colours but were hesitant to take the plunge because of office dress codes. As the nation is set to work from home for the foreseeable future and a post-lockdown perspective, we have many bookings for big changes. Semi-permanent pastel pink is frequently mentioned.’

As for haircuts, a quick trim is no more and in its place is a solid cut with good foundations. While rumour has it that a very popular nineties cut is making its return.

‘We have already heard whispers from clients taking it old school with plans to visit the salon armed with images of ‘the Rachel’ and ‘the 90s box bob’, says Paul.

‘Voluminous cuts are also big news with clients wanting to achieve the look without using techniques like backcombing.

‘But then some clients want to just keep it simple and reset their hair to obtain a healthy clean look.’

What hairstyle will you be choosing when the salons reopen?

Let us know in the comments or email metrolifestyleteam@metro.co.uk

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