Weather forecast today – Total washout ALL WEEK with Met Office predicting half term misery for millions of Brits

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BRITAIN is facing a half-term washout with rainy weather lasting all week.

Heavy rain and even hail is due to last until at least Friday, with the Met Office saying parts of Northern England are likely to see the worst of it.

It spells misery for millions of Brits who'd hoped to enjoy a dry half term given the number of coronavirus restrictions preventing many other activities taking place.

The combination of those restrictions and the miserable weather could spell economic disaster for the hospitality trade, too, with more than a third of the population living under rules forcing households to mix outdoors only.

We can't imagine many many people choosing to sit outdoors in the torrential rain and hail this week, so firms should expect far lower footfall over the coming days as a result.

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A period of warm weather is expected to move into double figures in November, however, - a welcome sight for Brits limited to socialising outside.

This comes as Britain was hit by heavy downpours and gusts this weekend ahead of a sunny interlude, according to the Met Office.

The Met Office launched a new tool to help planners prepare for further extremes of rainfall and high temperatures.

It warns that wild weather will become the "new normal" in the future and will place increasing challenges on health, infrastructure and services.

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