Woman, 74, ‘beat lover over the head with hammer for leaving the TV on’ and tried to poison his coffee with BLEACH

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A 74-year-old woman “beat her lover over the head with a hammer for leaving the TV on” and put bleach in his coffee in an attempt to poison him, it has been claimed.

Marilyn Kepler is accused of attacking her unnamed boyfriend at their home in Bullhead City, Arizona, Monday.

Marilyn Kepler has been accused of attacking her lover with a hammer after he left the TV on all night


Marilyn Kepler has been accused of attacking her lover with a hammer after he left the TV on all nightCredit: Mojave County Jail

She has also been accused of threatening the man with a gun while she drove him to hospital to get treated for his injuries caused by the hammer attack, according to AZ Central.

Emily Fromelt, from Bullhead City Police said: “(The victim) told medical staff that he woke up to Kepler hitting him in the head with a weapon at their residence in Bullhead City.”

Fromelt commenting on what is said to have happened in the car, added: “The victim reported he was able to wrestle the gun away and get out of the vehicle. Kepler then drove away.”

A number of people who were driving by saw the elderly man, and took him to Kingman hospital for treatment.

Kepler was subsequently arrested, and is has been claimed she told police that she was “upset” with her boyfriend “because he had left the television on during the night and she couldn’t sleep.”

The victim told detectives that Kepler was regularly verbally abusive towards him, during a police interview.

Fromelt said Kepler herself had previously accused her partner of domestic violence.


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She accused him of throwing her to the ground last March.

The alleged shove did not leave Kepler injured, and she did not press charges.

Kepler is accused of aggravated assault and domestic violence, and was still in Mohave County Detention Center on Friday afternoon.

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