Woman shares results of £58 fake tan done by woman who ‘showed up drunk’

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A woman has shared the outcome of a fake tan done by a woman who showed up for the morning appointment ‘still drunk’.

TikTokker Rachael Waters shared the mishap in a video that starts with a clip of her putting her face in her hand in embarrassment.

There’s a caption that reads: ‘Remembering that one time I paid $80 for a spray tan and the girl was still drunk at my 8am appointment and promised I would look like I just came from St Tropez.’

The video then cuts to pictures of Rachael, presumably after that fateful tanning appointment, looking a startling shade of dark brown.

In the comments, Rachael added: ‘It got lighter after five showers and hard exfoliating.’

A few have commented that she reminded them of Ross from Friends, who famously had his own tanning mishap in the aptly titled episode The One with Ross’s Tan.

When asked in the comments if she’d been able to get a refund, Rachael replied: ‘No. I even went back to her an hour later because she forgot to tan under my boobs and just sprayed me all over again and said it was normal 2 4get’.

Some have offered sympathy saying a similar thing happened to them, with one writing: ‘Mine made me look like Trump the next day.’

One person joked: ‘You can never run for office now.’

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