Your star sign’s tarotscope for April 2021

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Ready for the month ahead?

Don’t stress if not, the stars and the power of tarot are here to guide you.

We’ve got each star sign’s tarotscope for April ahead.

Below, you’ll find each star sign’s tarotscope forecast for April, focusing on the three tarot cards that have been drawn and diving into what they mean for the next month.

We’ve also recommended one essential message to take with you for the next few weeks.

For Leos, for example, it’s all about letting go of the negative and moving on.

Read on for your star sign’s horoscope for April, 2021, ahead.


March 21 to April 20

Tarot cards for April: Eight of Swords, Five of Cups, Two of Cups

Meaning: A ghost from the past.

This trio of cards makes me think that you’re regretting the demise or outcome of a past relationship. It’s not like you to dwell on the past, so there’s something of unfinished business here that has held your gaze. What is it?

The Five and Two of Cups reveal the storyline of looking back in regret about a lost love. It could be an ex, but it could also be a very deep friendship, or even a family member you’re estranged from.

The Eight of Swords shows you have created your own blockages here, and taken up a position that has stopped you from repairing or revisiting this. Until now. Those walls are crumbling a little, and you’re seeing things differently. You’re realising it wasn’t all them, some of it was you.

Process these feelings, see where they take you. It doesn’t mean you have to reconnect; it might just be about getting this in a new, healthier perspective. You decide.

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April 21 to May 21

Tarot cards for April: Page of Cups, The Magician, Five of Swords

Meaning: An unlikely source of creativity.

Sometimes great art comes from conflict or strife, and you are going to experience that process this month ahead.

You are ruled by Venus, after all, who is the goddess of the arts. You are way more creative than people realise.

The Five of Swords sees the conflict that initiates this. You are at odds with someone or something, and it bothers you on a deep and emotional level. So, you feel you need to get it all out, to express your feelings in some way other than ranting and raving with your friends (already been done!).

The Magician and the Page of Cups are both highly creative cards, and see you making something (a song, poem, painting, dirty limerick, side line venture, garden makeover, dress, DIY project…) that takes all of this angst and does something positive with it.

Use your enemies as fuel, a battery of energy that never runs out (as long as they’re being irritating). You can create something unusual and positive, fuelled by something negative.

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May 22 to June 21

Tarot cards for April: Four of Wands, Four of Coins, Two of Swords

Meaning: Action and activity.

Duality is a natural state for you. Feeling different, even opposing, ways about something, or someone, all at the same time. You are fluid and adaptable, and this is a strength, except when it isn’t – like now.

The Two of Swords sees you procrastinating- an unusual situation for one so agile as you, but sometimes we all get stuck in a moment. The Fours of Wands and Coins show the dual forces at work here.

On the one hand, with the Four of Coins, you feel like playing it safe, sticking to the devil you know and putting up with the status quo, it’s too much effort to make a change.

On the other hand, with the Four of Wands, you can see a bit of effort would go a long way, and there are rewards and prizes to be had from making changes.

What to do? Gemini, only you can decide, but may I nudge you towards action and activity. You hate being stuck in a rut. Don’t let it get that way.

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June 22 to July 23

Tarot cards for April: Three of Cups, The Empress, The Devil

Meaning: Do a pleasure audit.

You are really re-assessing the ways in which you relax, let loose, and have fun. Maybe it’s the impending end of lockdown, but you’re reviewing the chill out situation, and deciding what habits need to go, stay or be altered as the world returns to a more social state of affairs.

The Empress and The Devil show there are changes to be made, for sure. Some of your new-found habits don’t serve you well really, and won’t work going forwards, so ditch them now before they become even more ingrained. You may need to replace them with new, healthier, happier pursuits.

Self-care is important, and finding ways to soothe and relax yourself essential. Exercise could do with a look in too. And working out how social you want to be, how fast, is important.

The Three of Cups shows this little shimmy and adjustment will lead to happier days and nights ahead, as you adjust to a changing world.

You’re a pleasure-seeker, and you are always a good time to be around. Lockdown has been hard, and you need a conscious mental shift as we emerge from it. Take the time to re-assess your habits, and prepare for a livelier life once more.

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July 24 to August 23

Tarot cards for April: The Moon, Five of Wands, Six of Swords

Meaning: Move on.

Go to the place in your life where you feel the most powerful angst and stress, because it’s a red flag signal that this is where change is most needed.

The Five of Wands is that red flag, and flies over something riddled with conflict and strife. You are tired of dealing with it. So, don’t. It’s time to move on from it.

The Six of Swords shows that you will move along here. This dog has had its day. You are more than ready to cut ties and head out to find new energy and landscape, and you’ll look back and wonder why you lingered for so long.

The Moon is a vital message. There is something about this situation that remains hidden to you right now, and it is perhaps this hidden knowledge that will prove the final catalyst for departure.

Ask more questions, watch closely, research, dig. There’s a piece of info in this mess that is missing, and when you spot it, will change the game.

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August 24 to September 23

Tarot cards for April: Ace of Cups, Five of Wands, Three of Swords

Meaning: Hard truths lead back to love.

From a painful dialogue or action comes a whole new awakening of love and compassion, so don’t fear tough times, they sometimes serve a useful purpose: clearing the air.

The Three of Swords and Five of Wands combine to indicate a difficult event or conversation ahead. Someone does something, to you, that hurts and upsets you.

That sounds awful, doesn’t it, but please don’t worry because the pain is swift and momentary. What it unleashes is shown by the Ace of Cups, and that is pure and authentic love and compassion.

Perhaps this person doesn’t realise how much you mean to them until they test you, or push you away. Perhaps they are wounded too, and need to get their pain out, and you’re the closest one. Perhaps there’s a hidden feeling or truth between you that has festered and is ready to emerge.

Whatever this event or truth is, it’s better out than in, and its arrival heralds a sense of relief, and recognition that your relationship is precious, worth working on, and can live to see a better, brighter day.

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September 24 to October 23

Tarot cards for April: The Hanged Man, Queen of Coins, Ten of Swords

Meaning: Tackle the to-do list.

You have, for a variety of wild and weird and valid reasons, let some things slide in recent months. Maybe lockdown has provided a useful excuse to push down some unpleasant or dull tasks that you’d rather not tackle. It’s time to catch up!

The Hanged Man shows the growing pile of stalled projects, and the Ten of Swords is an urgent memo from the cosmos to start dealing with the outstanding items.

Mark what is urgent or important, and set to this week. You will feel so much better and in control. Just because you’ve put it all out of sight has not put it out of mind. You’re still overthinking it all, so you may as well get on with it.

The Queen of Coins shows that the list is comprised mainly of work, money, home and health stuff. Jobs, applications, appointments, repairs, check-ups, audits and updates that you’ve let drift a while. I get it. Sometimes we need a time out from the humdrum and routine. But it’s time to resume normal service.

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October 24 to November 22

Tarot cards for April: The High Priestess, Death, Nine of Cups

Meaning: Major change.

A powerful trio of cards this month, Scorpio, and all centred around a deeply felt, emotive dream or desire you nurture privately. It’s time to activate it.

The High Priestess and Nine of Cups are a dream-come-true combo, a pass from the cosmos to grant you a wish. It’s one that is emotive and private, maybe known only to yourself. It’s something you feel, deeply, and have never been able to let go of. Well, the time is now for activation.

Death shows that this wish will have a price, they always do, and that it will bring more change to your world than you initially realise. That’s okay. Change is the only constant in life anyway, and you (more than any other sign) understand that.

You’re ready for a new scene, and you’re ready to make a clear step in your dream’s direction and get this party started.

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November 23 to December 21

Tarot cards for April: Ace of Wands, Queen of Wands, King of Cups

Meaning: A new opportunity

A new beginning in your work, social or creative life is emerging this spring, fuelled by your connections with other people, and it’s going to feel great.

The Ace of Wands is the tarot’s new beginning card, meaning fresh starts that feel authentically right, and fill you with optimism and enthusiasm. You are raring to go.

The Queen of Wands shows the adventurous, exciting nature of this, and the King of Cups that it’s going to be emotionally fulfilling and rewarding too. A win, win.

These cards also show it’s through friends, colleagues or family that this new opportunity has arisen, so pay kudos to those who’ve opened a door for you and show your gratitude. Hey, maybe they are part of the journey too, whether this is a trip, vacation, new role, creative venture, lifestyle change or collaboration.

The more the merrier. Life is good when the people around you are good people.

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December 22 to January 21

Tarot cards for April: Eight of Cups, Page of Coins, King of Swords

Meaning: Press on.

The bad news here is that the Eight of Cups shows that you need to recognise and acknowledge a disappointment you’ve endured recently. It is what it is, and the sooner you accept it’s over the better. There, that’s the worst if it. Still here? Good.

The good news is that it was all for the best, and bigger and better is on the way. This setback was preparation for a much more challenging, and rewarding, opportunity, which is right around the corner.

The Page of Coins shows this is a tough learning curve for you: learning to accept disappointment without damaging your self-esteem. Learn to take criticism or setbacks seriously, but not personally.

This is just life. The King of Swords asks you to be rational and focused here. Don’t let emotion blow this out of proportion. You need your wits about you because the bigger better opportunity is just up ahead, and you don’t want to miss it. Chin up, chest out, and press on, Cap.

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January 22 to February 19

Tarot cards for April: King of Coins, Nine of Coins, Seven of Cups

Meaning: Big plans.

The King and Nine of Coins sees you knuckling down and thinking way ahead into the future about your money, resources, investments, home, career and lifestyle. You’re thinking about where you’re heading in the long run and what you need to do in the present to help make that journey easier and faster.

The Seven of Cups shows this all starts in your powerful imagination. You’re blessed with an active, agile mind, and you can dream up and analyse different scenarios easily and rapidly. So, invest in your daydreams (but don’t get lost in them), and get these thoughts and inspirations down on paper.

Life isn’t all about pursuing goals. Life actually happens in the meantime, while we’re busy living, but it is useful to have some ambitions to keep you on a track of sorts (for when life knocks you off course), to keep you progressing towards something you’re looking forward to.

Dream a dream, and make a plan. You know, you can achieve whatever you set your mind on.

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February 20 to March 20

Tarot cards for April: Temperance, Three of Wands, Eight of Coins

Meaning: Get help.

I don’t want to use the word ‘martyr’, but sometimes, Pisces, you do take way too much on and then silently seethe that no one is helping or pulling their weight. Like now.

Temperance shows that things are out of kilter or balance, and you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of somehow. The Eight of Coins is a nudge to keep on working hard, because you committed to help with this for a good reason, but the Three of Wands does ask you to look for opportunities to get more support.
The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

That’s not to say you should whine or attention-seek, but you should let others know, who can help, that you need help. You’ll be surprised how readily they offer their assistance. You might wonder why on earth you were taking all of this on alone.

Live and learn, Pisces. You don’t have to take so much onto your shoulders. Spread the load.

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Kerry King, the tarot queen, uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 25 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, through her website.

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